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SW window momentarily expanding & fuzzy

Question asked by Camman Lighting on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Camman Lighting

I'm using SW2017 SP4.0 but this has been going on since SW2015 & when I upgraded to windows 10.


Sometimes (usually but not always during some intensive process like a save or rebuild) my SolidWorks window will expand or stretch slightly - vertically & the status bar drops behind my Windows taskbar. Everything in the window gets fuzzy. It hangs like that for a few seconds, and usually pops back to normal, but sometimes it hangs for a very long time, or crashes. It only seems to happen with the SolidWorks window maximized.


It seems like a graphics card issue but (a) it happens to everybody in my office, all on different cards and (b) we're all on the most current SW certified driver.


I'm working with my VAR to try to figure it out. I remember seeing a post here somewhere about this & I wanted to share that with my VAR but I can't find it. Have any of you experienced this issue & do you know anything about it?