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    "Could not load SolidWorks DLL: sldsearchu.dll"

    Alan Chapman

      Following some repairs to  WIN 7 Pro, SolidWorks 2013 no longer starts and delivers the diagnostic message "Could not load SolidWorks DLL: sldsearch.dll"


      sldsearchu.dll is installed at C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks


      I have repaired the installation to no avail. I do not image any gain from reinstalling SolidWorks that would not be addressed by repair


      Any assistance to get over this impasse would be appreciated.



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          Phillip Johnston

          Hi Alan,


          This can be caused by a Windows Update. If you look at your recent Windows Updates, you might see one that occurred just before this error (possibly an update to Office). If you do see a very recent Windows Update, you could try disabling it, turning off your anti-virus, turning down you User Account Control, and running a SOLIDWORKS Repair, and seeing if that helps.


          Also, there is a SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base article that may help with this: S-053398


          Good luck