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    delete search paths

    Massimo Santi

      I can not delete search paths from system options and file location.

      It deletes the lines, unless I open the window and reopen all of them again.

      I tried uninstalling solidworks, (clean installation) resumes all search paths.

      I tried to rename registry keys in Regedit related to solidworks user settings, but nothing to do always reappears.

      Anyone had a similar problem?

      thank you

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          Deepak Gupta

          Check Solution Id:S-072882 in SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base to remove the search paths.

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              Don Carter

              Deepak Gupta wrote:


              Check Solution Id:S-072882 in SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base to remove the search paths.

              This solution is ....... well, I don't know how to describe it ..... it's just plain WEIRD !!!

              I am in Solidworks.  I am editing my System Options.  I find that I have 7 or 8 search paths defined --- to places like "Visio" and "Office 2014" and the "Favorites" folders of other users who have logged into this PC.  And I can't delete these paths.    These paths aren't controlled by Solidworks, but by Windows.

              I need to use the process detailed in that KB article to take out this trash.  What the .....?

              Why doesn't "Help" contain the instructions?  I could go on, but enough whining .....


              What I want to know is, "What is the function of these Search Paths?"

              Given the nature of how Solidworks performs the "Search Routine for Referenced Documents,"

              2017 SOLIDWORKS Help - Search Routine for Referenced Documents

              where do these search paths fit?

              Is there any performance hit?

              What if a user has only one path listed?     C:\

              Does his entire hard drive get searched by Solidworks?


              Please, I am looking for an explanation of their function, the benefits of them and the influence of having them defined wrong or to useless locations or not at all.

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              Massimo Santi

              Thank you, I solved it. Unfortunately I thought it was the source of the reason I used to open files from the server. But unfortunately it did not improve when opening files see https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/209743

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                Marco Laffra


                I stumbled on the same issue with SW2019. Way to many search paths and not being able to get rid of them in the registry files. Forgot to look in the knowledge base but it works like a charm.