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    delete search paths

    Massimo Santi

      I can not delete search paths from system options and file location.

      It deletes the lines, unless I open the window and reopen all of them again.

      I tried uninstalling solidworks, (clean installation) resumes all search paths.

      I tried to rename registry keys in Regedit related to solidworks user settings, but nothing to do always reappears.

      Anyone had a similar problem?

      thank you

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          Deepak Gupta

          Check Solution Id:S-072882 in SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base to remove the search paths.

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              Don Carter

              Deepak Gupta wrote:


              Check Solution Id:S-072882 in SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base to remove the search paths.

              This solution is ....... well, I don't know how to describe it ..... it's just plain WEIRD !!!

              I am in Solidworks.  I am editing my System Options.  I find that I have 7 or 8 search paths defined --- to places like "Visio" and "Office 2014" and the "Favorites" folders of other users who have logged into this PC.  And I can't delete these paths.    These paths aren't controlled by Solidworks, but by Windows.

              I need to use the process detailed in that KB article to take out this trash.  What the .....?

              Why doesn't "Help" contain the instructions?  I could go on, but enough whining .....


              What I want to know is, "What is the function of these Search Paths?"

              Given the nature of how Solidworks performs the "Search Routine for Referenced Documents,"

              2017 SOLIDWORKS Help - Search Routine for Referenced Documents

              where do these search paths fit?

              Is there any performance hit?

              What if a user has only one path listed?     C:\

              Does his entire hard drive get searched by Solidworks?


              Please, I am looking for an explanation of their function, the benefits of them and the influence of having them defined wrong or to useless locations or not at all.

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              Massimo Santi

              Thank you, I solved it. Unfortunately I thought it was the source of the reason I used to open files from the server. But unfortunately it did not improve when opening files see https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/209743