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    rotate sketch problem

      I am trying to rotate sketch in a 90 degree angle. When I do not select " keep relation", after rotate, shape changes. But, when I select "keep relation", the sketch doesn't rotate no matter what angle I gave.

      what's wrong? what should I do?
        • rotate sketch problem
          Dan Riffell
          It's difficult to say what's wrong without seeing the file. A quick fix without looking at it would be to save the sketch, then create a new derived sketch and rotate that one accordingly.
          • rotate sketch problem
            Peter Biggert
            Solidworks likes to put Horizontal and Vertical relations on lines automatically when sketching which I imagine could cause problems when you want to rotate a sketch. In the prizmatic parts I make, I avoid these relations as much as possible (by holding down the control key while sketching) and add parallel and perpendicular relations after. I will use Horizontal or Vertical for one line (often a center line) and relate the other lines in the sketch to it. To rotate the sketch I delete the Horizontal relation from the one line grab one endpoint to rotate it close to where I want it and and a new relation to it (like Vertical) and the others follow.