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Question asked by David Matula on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by David Matula

What does getting certified with SolidWorks really do for you?  
Is finding a better paying Job easier?

Is telling the boss that you need a raise and getting one better?


Why should you get certified with SolidWorks?


my edit....a reason why the boss will want to help you get certified.....and why they would be willing to send some people to SolidWorks World........


Why not have the certification mean just a little more.  When I went to get mine the boss gave me the day off without pay.  That was about it.  Ended up with a few jobs that were not even close to using SolidWorks.

The VAR's have a big thing on getting their guys certified in all the different ways to use the program and in customer support, is there more of an incentive other than being able to tell potential customers hay we have 99% of our employees certified and the one guy we just hired is going to testing tomorrow.

     Hear is an idea...why not give the employers an incentive to get us certified.  Give a % of the service subscription off for each person that has a certification.  Then have special free testing at SolidWorks world, so that there is more of a reason to send people to that.