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    Solidworks freezes using Geomagic

    Kody Spaberg

      I've recently been using Geomagic to work with a scanning FARO arm. When processing larger point samples, Solidworks is constantly in a state of Not Responding.. it's killing my productivity and my boss isn't happy about that.


      Here's the thing though: I check my system performance and there is no reason for it to be. Not using anywhere near my max memory and Solidworks only seems to be using 12% of my CPU... the one thing I notice is that my CPUs Max Freq. is at 105-108% but it tends to hang out there normally. Any ideas?

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          Virginia Makofka

          Same problem here.  Using Geomagic for Solidworks plugin.  Can scan, then during the "auto surface" operation, it goes to not responding.  Task manager shows memory usage at less than 3GB of the 16GB installed.  CPU usage at about 18% on 4 of the 8 cores shown for an i7 processor (likely it is not using hyperthreading, so the even numbered CPUs are not used)



          New video card (NVIDIA P1000) with driver recommended from SW RX

          Added memory (to 32GB)

          Updated Solidworks to 2017 SP5

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            Braxton Carter

            Hi Kody   we have a Certified Gold add-in that connects the Faro arm with LLP to Solidworks that gets around your Geomagic problem   - Please email Support@ReverseEngineering.com

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              Corey Wardrop

              I've had the same issue using a Hexagon arm. Solidworks almost never uses files over 10mb, but I've had cloud data files easily 50mb (best case) to as much as 600mb. Geomagic and 3D Systems have told me the slowness is on the Solidworks side. I have had luck trying to combine and simplify my files as quickly as possible - as well as only using an amount of data appropriate for the part (obviously, high accuracy = high data usage = high file size). I generally keep a giant "raw" file, then save-as a working document. In Geomagic, I opt not to keep the original data when creating a mesh. Try to get that 250mb file down to 50mb as quick as possible.


              Also I have noticed the "not responding" tag is inaccurate. It'll come back as long as I don't push any buttons.