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Convert Entities keeps getting Offset Entities error message

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

So I keep getting the Offset Entities error message when I use Convert Entities.

In this example I am selecting a face on an imported model.

It does not work and gives me the following error message:

"This operation requires selecting:

   for offset of model edge

     -one or more connected model edges

     -one model face

     -one model face and an edge of the face to specify the loop

  for offset of external sketch entities

     -one or more connected sketch entities

     -one entity on a closed contour

     -one external sketch with a closed outer contour"


I an not trying to OFFSET anything. I want to CONVERT all the edges on the face I selected.

This usually works... but then Offset Entities won't work either.

The profile of this face has arcs and lines I do not want to select by hand.

But yet it will allow me to turn on the edges filter, box select the end, and then use Convert Entities.

So it is not as if there is something wrong with the face profile... right?