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Weld caterpillars only showing up when hidden line view enabled

Question asked by Chris Lambert on Aug 9, 2017

I'm thinking this is a bug in SolidWorks 2017, unless I'm missing some very basic simple toggle somewhere...


I have a drawing that has some full surround welds on cylinders, attaching them to plates.  Doing a drawing, I was using the hidden line view for some dimensioning and annotation, and I added the weld bead caterpillars and end treatments for all welds without issue.  However, when I turned off the hidden line view, the caterpillars disappeared.  This should not happen, they are not related to hidden lines.  The end treatment annotations stayed visible.  As an experiment, I switched back to showing hidden lines, deleted all caterpillars, switched back to normal hidden lines removed view, and tried to add the caterpillars back again.  I can highlight the weld bead, but when clicking to place the caterpillar, nothing happens, the weld bead does not select, and I'm stuck with no annotations.  This is incredibly frustrating, and a huge portion of my assemblies will have similar welds to this, so I'm stuck.


Am I missing something simple that is causing the weld beads to act this way?  Hoping it's basic operator error here, but considering how poorly other parts of weld annotation and visibility have been handled with SolidWorks over the years, I'm afraid it's a more fundamental issue with the drawing engine itself...