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Simulating contact

Question asked by Ryan Delacourt on Aug 10, 2017

Hi all,


I am working on some R&D for a buttery valve assembly, I am trying to analyse at best the stresses and displacements that the valve would expect to see in a real life situation. Initially I designed using FEA, a method by fixing the sealing geometry face (the area of the valve disc that comes into contact with the sealing component) and applying a combined loading case of both pressure as well as torque.

My problem however is that i am using Solidworks "Professional" so i don't have the option to use a "Non-Linear" study. What I would like to be able to do would have the valve fully open and then run the simulation. The Torque I then apply during the simulation would allow for the valve to rotate into the sealing geometry and would come to a stop once full contact has been made.  With the package that i'm using however I can only analyse the valve in one state. So what I have done is introduce some interference in the mating surfaces to account for the forces that would be generated upon contact.


Is there some other way using solidworks that I could analyse the valve to which it can ultimately let me know when contact is made between the two respected surfaces, or do i need the "premium" package in order to achieve what I want?


Thank you