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    Bypass the "Checkout" window using macro?

    Jason Apple

      I have a macro to print drawing. I want automatically 'GET' the drawing in my EPDM.



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          Jason Apple

          Anyone has any suggestion?

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            Scott Stuart

            Here is some basic code you can start with. This will get a local copy of a file and its references. Be very careful using this. For one, I don't advocate hard-coding a password in the macro. Second, this does not check whether you have the file checked out, doesn't check whether the version you're getting is newer than the version you have, etc. If this is used wrong you could screw things up.


            Sub GetLocal(strFilePath As String)

                Dim vault As EdmVault5

                Dim edmFile As IEdmFile5

                Dim edmFolder As IEdmFolder5


                Const username As String = "<your user name>"

                Const password As String = "<your password>"

                Const vaultname As String = "<your vault name>"


                If strFilePath = "" Then Exit Sub


                Set vault = New EdmVault5

                vault.Login username, password, vaultname


                Set edmFile = vault.GetFileFromPath(strFilePath, edmFolder) 'get file object

                If edmFile Is Nothing Then Exit Sub


                edmFile.GetFileCopy 0, 0, edmFolder.ID, 0 'get local copy


                'Get all referenced files (e.g. assembly components, parents of mirrored parts)

                Dim batchGet As IEdmBatchGet

                Set batchGet = vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtil_BatchGet)


                Dim selList(0) As EdmSelItem

                selList(0).mlDocID = edmFile.ID

                selList(0).mlProjID = edmFolder.ID

                batchGet.AddSelection vault, selList


                batchGet.CreateTree 0, EdmGetCmdFlags.Egcf_Nothing


                batchGet.GetFiles 0, Nothing

            End Sub

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              Heinz Navratil



              there is an option in the EPDM option Dialog

              as I use the german version, I don´t know the correct Translation but it should be

              "prompt for check out file, if it is read-only"