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Exporting structural BIM properties for IFC 4.0 format

Question asked by Joel Lane on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Joel Lane

Several of our fabricators use Solidworks, and we (the General Contractor) use their IFC models in our project Navisworks BIM model.


We are struggling to get the structural BIM properties to publish through. (Mark, member size, mass, length, etc.)


I found the following procedure which appears to outline what needs to be applied when exporting to IFC 4.0 format:


However, the result was an exported model that only had 5% of the original model - most of the structure was missing.  And the content that did get published did not have any helpful BIM properties.


I read the procedure more carefully, and noticed in step 3.a that specific OmniClass/UniClass2 classes must be selected.  I was able to download and review the OmniClass Table 49 Properties pdf document.


Looks like class 49-71 00 00 for Physical Properties needs to be selected when performing the export.


Can anyone confirm this, or know the correct settings required to get the structural BIM properties to publish?