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    3DPDF Not working

    Michael Bebout

      Hello all,

      I am trying to get 3DPDF to work on my PowerPoint and whenever I get the finish screen it stops working. What I mean by that is no matter how many times I push "finish" or how long I wait nothing happens. I understand that this is not a PowerPoint forum, however, I was wondering if anyone here has used this product before and run into this problem when trying to put your 3D model into PowerPoint.



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          Tom Gagnon

          I am unfamiliar if PP uses its own native PDF resources to interpret, or it if leans on Adobe Reader functionality to accomplish its task.

          Does Adobe Reader open your 3D PDF correctly? If not, verify its preference:

          Edit -> Preferences -> 3D & Multimedia category -> [√] Enable Playing of 3D content (located at the top).


          If this doesn't help, sorry but I'm at a loss. You're right that we're not a PP forum.