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Hi all. I have an assembly problem with SW 2017 SP03.

Question asked by Mogamad Zarier Fredericks on Aug 9, 2017

Hi all.

I have an assembly problem with SW 2017 SP03.

I have a part which is inserted into an assembly where cavities and cores are created.

I made a modification on the part opened the assembly, did a rebuild and naturally expected all the parts derived from the cavities to be updated.

Unfortunately not all the parts updated.

This was costly as we have machined and sparked the parts accordingly.

I even found that in some files one configuration updated but another configuration did not.

Parts were cut, electrodes were made but unbeknown to me some parts were updated and others not.

On careful investigation I found that even though I opened the driving assembly and rebuilt, the only way I could fix the problem is to edit each part and roll-back and do each "cavity" again.

I expect that when opening the driving assembly then each part would be updated by SW automatically with rebuild.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

Is there a setting I can switch on to ensure all the parts in the assembly updates?