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Loft doesn't follow the loft sketch.

Question asked by Juraj Mihálik on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Paul Salvador

Hi guys,


I used the Loft feature to create a thin sheet around a wing. Looking at the generated part, I can see that the face of the Thin Loft doesn't match the loft sketch too well.


I generated the thin loft in One-Direction outwards, but clearly the generated part interfere with the sketch.


This becomes a problem when I assembly this sheet with an inner part created using the same sketch.


Now the two parts are interfering, which is also confirmed by the Interference Detector, So I assume it is not just a visualization problem.


Does anyone have an idea how can I get the loft to follow the sketch more exactly?


I tried increasing the precision in the Document Properties options but nothing changed. 



Using the Boundary-Surface feature I get exactly the same contour as for the Loft.


Any ideas?