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Define name of a simulation result plot and set to "max across all plies"?

Question asked by Blake Sánchez on Aug 8, 2017

I have a macro I put together to define about 15 results plots looking at different things (Stress, Strain, FOS, etc.) from a static study on an assembly of components with both shelled composite components and solid bodies. The same results plots I need are relevant to all our composite studies so I thought a Macro for everyone would be helpful. So far, my macro works fine aside from having to go back and change 2 settings in all the plots.


First, the name of the plot. I see in the knowledgebase several references to be able to change the name but I have not been able to make any of them work for a results plot.


Second, in a composite study, I would like the results plot for something like stress to show the "Max Across All Plies" instead of just the results from Ply 1. Or in a FOS plot, show the "Worst Case" across all plies instead of just Ply 1. I can manually set this, so I know there is nothing wrong with my study.