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    Check for overriden dimension in drawing

    Dean Baragar


      Is there a way to quickly check for any overridden dimensions in a drawing?  We have a few drawings where someone (I don't know why) overrode a dimension in the drawing instead of changing the model.  Now we are trying to making a small revision without redoing the entire drawing, but some of the dimension don't update.  What I would like is a way to quickly see if a dimension has been overridden (something like a different color?), without clicking on every dimension throughout a 6-page weld drawing.



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          John Pesaturo

          Dean, I don't have the utility loaded myself but it says SW can do what you're asking ...


          Under the main menu, you would navigate to Tools/Design Checker/Build Checks ...

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            John Pesaturo

            Something I had just noticed which might be an issue ... SW says it's a "Professional Add-In" and truth be told I don't know what release (year) this would have been implemented on ...

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                Tom Gagnon

                This feature is new to me. I learned this by doing. Ref 2016 SP3 Premium license.


                Selecting Tools > Design Checker > Build Checks launches a separate SOLIDWORKS Design Checker window. The criteria can be isolated into its own standard that can be chosen to apply additionally under the Settings aspect of applying it. Create a New Standards File. Do not select categories on the left pane (they appear shaded or sunken when selected) except for clicking on the one(s) you want included. For this purpose, only click on the Dimension Checks tab (it is small above the left pane). Then only select Overridden Dimension. Then save the file to a shared server folder location so others can use it also, or alternatively somewhere meaningful on your PC. I saved this as "Overridden Dimensions.swstd" .  Then close SOLIDWORKS Design Checker window.


                Once back at your drawing, Tools > Design Checker > Check Active Document opens the Design Checker tab in the right pane inside Solidworks. Deselect unused any standards if you haven't already, and Add Standards with the green plus icon to browse to where you had just created your new standard. Then, Checking the Document will result in an itemized list of each instance where it found relevance. Clicking the Dimension's Overridden Check (1) category brings up an empty magnifying glass to show where the applicable dimension is. Its line item also calls out the specific dimension by its Name. Then you can click on the document to remove the mag-glass, alter the dimension(s) indicated, and your Design Checker tab will still be active in the right pane. Reopen it by clicking its tab, and hit the green refresh icon to re-run the same checker. To eliminate all, continue this process until results show "Your document is as per standard."


                Curiously, when I did this, its detailed results showed accurate Initial Value, and inaccurate Overridden Value as the same value as Initial. Also, neither [Auto Correct All] nor [Correct Selected] buttons were available because they were both grayed out. I may be doing this wrong, but then that's what I got from an initial attempt at a new tool within Solidworks. YMMV for sure. Good luck.