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Beam simulation issue

Question asked by Phil Lenney on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by Phil Lenney

Hi lovely solidworks community.


I am using beam meshes to simulate leads on electronic components.  In most cases this proves to be successful.  However i've run into some difficulty with a particular design. 


The lead design is of a simple 90deg bend around a 2mm radius.  This is modelled using a single sweep feature.  When the part is converted to a beam and meshed, one of the straight elements detaches from the radius and connects directly to the top of the perpendicular lead leg. 


Is there a simple solution to this?  Its frustrating to have to return to solid meshing when the beam elements are proving to be fast and accurate in this application otherwise.  1st image below the part model, un-meshed:

lead design.PNG


Image below, part converted to beam and meshed, showing failure:

beam mesh fail.PNG

This is more than a graphical error, when the part is run the results assume that the lead is now connected at a sharp corner with the radius hanging loosely.  I have remodelled the design as a new part but still had the same error.


Part attached below.  Appreciate any comments/solutions to this!