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.OUT File -- How to Interpret Contents?

Question asked by John Willett on Aug 8, 2017

General Simulation Questions:  Has anyone found a description of the contents of the .OUT file that is produced in the Results folder after every study is run?  Is there useful guidance on how to interpret this information to help diagnose simulation problems?


Example of What I Mean:  In Please Translate: "Equilibrium is not achieved.  Results are saved up to the current iteration."  I attempt to use contents of the .OUT file in the to diagnose a no-penetration-contact problem.  In my case (SW Premium -- static simulations only) it appears that there is a hard limit of 75 on how many "contact iterations" are allowed.  (I don't know if this is a parameter than can be adjusted in a nonlinear simulation.)  There are also sections headed "Error Estimation (for requested elements)" and "Solution Time Log in Seconds," apparently a breakdown of the solution time into stages.  While these appear relevant to the extent to which convergence was achieved and where problems might have arisen, I don't know how to interpret them. -- John Willett