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Macro - Determine CirPattern Axis Type

Question asked by Dave Paul on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Nilesh Patel

SW2013 SP5

I am using a subroutine to determine the center axis of the selected circular pattern.  I am running into an issue when trying to get the Axis Property from the circular pattern feature data.

  • Get the definition of the pattern (Set myCirPatternData = myFeat.GetDefinition)
  • Access the selections for the pattern (If myCirPatternData.AccessSelections(swModel, Nothing) Then)
  • Test the Axis type (myCirPatternData.GetAxisType)

Here's where I have the issue.  If the pattern axis is either an RefAxis or an Edge it works well.  If the axis is a Face the "GetAxisType" returns a 0 (zero) - which is supposed to be an RefAxis.  The "GetAxisType" method seems to be the only way to determine what makes up the pattern axis.  There has to be another way...


Function CylinderPatternAxisOrigin(myFeat As SldWorks.Feature) As Double()
  Dim myCirPatternData As SldWorks.CircularPatternFeatureData
  Dim swEdge As SldWorks.Edge
  Dim vFace As Variant
  Dim swFace(1) As SldWorks.Face2
  Dim swSurf(1) As SldWorks.Surface
  Dim swCylSurf As SldWorks.Surface
  Dim swFlatSurf As SldWorks.Surface
  Dim swRefAxis As SldWorks.RefAxis
  Dim swAxisFeature As SldWorks.Feature
  Dim swTestFeature As SldWorks.Feature
  Dim swAxisObject As Object
  Dim vAxisParam As Variant
  Dim nPt(2) As Double
  Dim vCylinder As Variant
  Dim strTest As String
  ' PatternFeatureArray
  Set myCirPatternData = myFeat.GetDefinition
  If myCirPatternData.AccessSelections(swModel, Nothing) Then
    ' If the axis is a refAxis
    If myCirPatternData.GetAxisType = 0 Then
      If myCirPatternData.Axis.GetTypeName() = "RefAxis" Then
        Set swAxisFeature = myCirPatternData.Axis
        Set swRefAxis = swAxisFeature.GetSpecificFeature2
        vAxisParam = swRefAxis.GetRefAxisParams
        nPt(0) = vAxisParam(0): nPt(1) = vAxisParam(1): nPt(2) = vAxisParam(2)
      End If
    ElseIf myCirPatternData.GetAxisType = 1 Then
      Set swEdge = myCirPatternData.Axis
      vFace = swEdge.GetTwoAdjacentFaces2
      Set swFace(0) = vFace(0): Set swFace(1) = vFace(1)
      Set swSurf(0) = swFace(0).GetSurface: Set swSurf(1) = swFace(1).GetSurface
      If swSurf(0).IsCylinder Then
        Set swCylSurf = swSurf(0): Set swFlatSurf = swSurf(1)
        Set swCylSurf = swSurf(1): Set swFlatSurf = swSurf(0)
      End If
      vCylinder = swCylSurf.CylinderParams
      nPt(0) = vCylinder(0): nPt(1) = vCylinder(1): nPt(2) = vCylinder(2)
    End If
  End If
  CylinderPatternAxisOrigin = nPt
End Function