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    Pin Connector Material Properties

    Lesley Ott

      I am using a custom material for my pin connectors that has been set up as a custom material. The material values are correct prior to running the analysis, but are changed to 0 or near zero after the analysis is completed. The custom check box is not active so I can't manually enter the material properties.I am using Sw 2013 SP4. Does anyone have an idea as to what is going on?

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          Seçkin Uslu

          Could you please share a screenshot?


          If you dont activate strength data, you can not able to define material for virtual pins.


          This means, ıf you want to calculate stress on pins, you have to define strength and material for pin.


          Another way you can use solidbody as a pin. Then you can easily define custom material to body.But it takes too much time for calculation.


          I hope ı get the issue.