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Duplicate edited Templates in 2D Sketches

Question asked by Haitham Al Hassanieh on Aug 8, 2017

Hello Everybody,


I am having issues with duplicating edited Backgrounds of 2D sketches while using solid works 2014.



These issues remain, whether I save the Background as a Template (.drwdot ), or if I save it as a sheet format in (.slddrt).


I usually start by opening the file, where an Information section (bottom right) is already included. Please refer to the photo, to know what I mean:



I get the following Error when I Change any of the Contents withing this Information section and try to duplicate the edited sheet (in the same .drwdot or .slddrt file):

For non German Speaking users please see Translation below:



The error translates to (courtesy to Google translate):

"A sketch pattern was found to be invalid and removed from Sketch2. The sketch pattern elements remain, but are no longer defined by a pattern by constraints."


I would be thankful for any assistance. If there are any complications within my description of my issue, please do not hesitate to Point it out.


Best Regards