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    Ratchet and pawl for phone car mounts

    Ron Ramirez

      Hello everyone I am new to this board, and I am seeking to learn as much as I can.


      I have seen some cellphone cradle/mount that have a sort of ratchet and pawl or freewheel mechanism inside which with a press of a button can extend or retract to hold the phone in place. I have taken an interest as to how something like this works, with my limited understanding i get how it can extend but its really cool how it also retracts.  Could anyone with knowledge on the subject shed some light? i would sincerely appreciate it.



      heres a link of a recent mount I was looking to purchase and piqued my interest:


      Installation: Mpow® Grip Pro Mobile Phone Universal Car Mount Holder Cradle - YouTube

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          J. Mather

          Left side jaw removed for clarity.

          When the jaws are moved together they turn the smaller pinion gears which ratchet spring holds larger gears locked in position.

          When ratchet release in lower right is pressed the larger gears are released allowing the return spring under the right side jaw to extend.

          The two larger gears turn the smaller gears opening the jaws.


          Note: In the image - because I have removed cover the spring force has pushed the right side gear to the right a bit. There is support for the right side gear in the cover that keeps these two gears lined up in mesh when assembled.