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Wrap to surface and project normal to surface in 3D Sketch

Question asked by Paulus V. on Aug 5, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Paulus V.

Hello all,

I am an Autodesk Inventor user trying to learn SW and I am trying to recreate a specific 3d sketch that I have done in Inventor. Best way to explain is to show how I've done it:


simple sketch in front plane:



a few concentric circular segments in top plane:



extruded surfaces of the circular segments:



creating a 3d sketch by wrapping the first sketch to the first surface (I need to have the projected line segments 'equal' with equal 'angles' and distance between the points.):



final result - in the same 3d sketch, the first 3d projection is projected 'normal' to the other concentric surfaces:



Is it possible to do this in SolidWorks?


I don't need any solids, the final result will be the 3d sketch, used for a CNC toolpath generation.