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Boundary/Loft: How to activate "merge tangent faces" only for one face ?

Question asked by Adil Amezouak on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Adil Amezouak

Hi all,


Suppose that I have a wing (a simplified example is below), the wing is presenting a blunt trailing edge.

Now, If I loft the wing surface between two airfoils and using guide curves for the leading and trailing edges, the loft produces two separate surfaces.

The two lines separating the surfaces can be removed by checking 'merge tangent faces". However, Iin order to mesh the wing for an external CFD solver, I need to keep the leading edge line while deleting the trailing edge line.

Thus, I need three distinct surfaces (the upper and lower wing surfaces plus the face representing the blunt trailing edge).






--> wing sketch representing the airfoils and the guide curves

--> zoom on the trailing edge connection

--> resulting trailing edge and leding edge lines