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Updating assembly

Question asked by Rodrigo Pedrosa on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Rodrigo Pedrosa

Hello all,


Please help me here.

All assemblies we create on SW, we do generate lots of configurations.

For example, we are launching a new product which would be attached to different window ali frames.

We have 3 main brands, and the window frame changes, but this new product will remain the same. SO for the SW file, we have a config for each brand, only to hide or show the frames we want or not to show.

Easy and simple.


But.. creating the Composer file, I cannot work with configurations.

So what I am trying to do is create one Composer file only with ALL 3 bands, then I can hide the frames I dont want to see/save.


The problem No.1... Opening the file at the Composer Player, the user will be able to Unhide all frames, and we dont want the customer to be able to see al brands at the same time. Each customer has its own brand, so we dont want to mix products for the customers.


Problem No.2... If I Update the SW file (*.sldasm), I am able to only update/replace the frames I want. PERFECT, but some of the parts, such as screws, completely change its position.


So what could you guys recommend here to update a SW file to a Composer file, when we already have an entire animation done?

Whats the best way, so we dont lose the position of ANY part, and still make sure each customer will only be able to see that specific frame.


P.S.: I have already tried to set the Properties ticking the option to ONLY save the VISIBLE actors. But NOTHING changed. It didnt make any difference.


P.S.2: At the moment we are using a Trial version to decide if we will purchase the Composer or not. It expires today.

So would need a quick answer here. Anyone? Thanks in advance