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configurations in Photoview

Discussion created by Joe Perushek on Jan 13, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2011 by Josef Snabb
I just started playing with photoview. I had an assembly with a bunch of components that I brought into photoview, rendered it quick and everthing looked pretty good.

In my assembly, I made another configuration (config 2) to show some other options in my drawing. When I went back into photoview and reopened my assy, it defaulted to config 2. So, I saved a copy of my assembly, opened up the new assy, deleted config 2 and resaved.

When I bring the new assy up in photoview, the model it brings up is still config 2, even though it doesn't exist in the assy.

Anyone have this problem? Any work around. No matter what I do with my assy, it keeps showing the same view when I open the file.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks