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    I need someone to help me in finding a macro

    Md Sobug Mia

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      I need someone to help me in finding a macro with what I can export any part or Assembly file in some different format (Available in in Save As menu in Solidworks) like X_T, X_B, STP, STEP, IGS, IGES, prt, STL, DWG, DXF, PDF, 3D PDF etc with a single click.
      What I want, that I will run the macro and select the checkbox of what type of format I like to export. Once I will select the required checkbox and click okay, then it will save all requested format in the same directory of main file or any desired directory. I expect an option for Drawing file also where I can export DWG, DXF, PDF from the SLDDRW file with a single click.

      Currently I am using Solidworks-2016.

      I saw a post like it. But there the requirement was only to export a single format (STEP) “Automatic File Export Macro”. In that post  Deepak Gupta gave a great solution. My requirements are same as this post but I want little bit extra. Multiple files with a single click.

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