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    A perfect surface?

    Tina Ferrik

      Hey lovely people,

      Nice to meet you for the first time.

      when I was doing surface modeling,

      I have encountered some problems about the surfaces quality with hours' struggling.

      The command I tried were Loft in surface and Fill Surface.

      Lets take a look at the problem.


      I use Loft to form this surface between two flat planes. It was not good. We can see surface of the corner slightly sunken...


      Loft 1.PNGloft 1-1.PNGloft 1 - curvature.PNG


      So I tried ways to fix it. First, I used Face Curves to substract some curves from the formed surface. Then I deleted the surfaces and build a new surface with those Face Curves using the command Surfaces Fill.



      I was very happy with the new surface which looked quite perfect and smooth.

      SURFACE Fill.PNG


      However when I turn on the Curvature Check, it looks very scary....

      surfll cur.PNG

      I am very confused now. Is it a good surface or should I rebuild a new one?

      the corner edge is still abit sunken in the picture.... how can I fix it?

      Could anyone help?

      Thank you!