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Backup existing products. Upgrade to next year version, then restore to existing products

Question asked by Robert Pickeral on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Tim Webb

Doing this on a Development (Test) Server...


Our software:

Solidworks Premium Solidworks
PDM Professional Solidworks

Electrical Schematic Professional

Solidworks Electrical 3D


Goal: Perform all necessary backups and be able to upgrade to 2017 SP4 Products, and then revert back to 2016 SP4 Products. Without involving our Networking team.


Presently, I get our networking tech to clone our production VM server to another server. And I test the upgrade process on the test server only. For each testing cycle; to get back to the exiting production environment, I have to get the networking tech to reclone the production server 3-5 times.



1) Is there a way I can do the necessary backups; test the upgrade process (update my notes, etc.), then revert back to 2016 products myself?

2) After a upgrade test cycle, how do I get back to the previous version server software and files? Is it possible?

3) Does anyone have a process (solution) for these testing cycles and it not involve recloning the server? Please share.


Presently I'm doing the following:

1) Backup SQL Server File Vault Database - using SQL Server Management Studio

     Full Database Backup

2) Backup Solidworks PDM Archive Server Settings - presently this is done each week on Sunday 12am.

3) Backup the Entire Vault Database (Files) -  this is performed by the IT/Networking Team

     Incremental - Daily at 1am

     Saturdays (Full Backup)

     Maintains a 30 day history

4) Archive Solidworks Electrical