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    Release of multi-level BoMs

    Guy Edkins

      We have a two types of revisions release approach. Numeric and Alpha.

      Numeric are essentially prototype and cannot be placed onto a shipping machine. Alpha releases are validated and therefore more restrictive when processes by an ECO.


      Here is the issue we running into.  Engineers are releasing assemblies to Alpha that have parts or sub-assemblies that are already released to Numeric. This is a problem since the parent is in theory the “king maker” and should have nothing beneath that is not an Alpha release.

      How can we have EPDM flag an engineer that he cannot release an upper level assembly to Alpha if any of its children are at a Numeric release? (footnote – items that get released to Alpha can never return to a Numeric release.)


      I am thinking this is a business rule issue that can only be solved with a custom add-in, but perhaps there is another simpler method someone could suggest.



      Assembly Revision

      Component/sub-component Revision




      Alpha and/or Numeric