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    Blocked on Twitter by @solidworks ;-(

    Mark Sanders

      I'm a long term solidworks customer, (subs since '97) . Also a more recent twitter user  [ @77A ]

      I followed @solidworks and found it quite useful.

      I also asked some questions about Solidworks strategy, and suggested that products like 'solidworks ID' and mech should either be integrated into solidworks or not called solidworks. I also questioned 'what is 3D experience ?'  and asked when we will get the annual  'Top 10 requests' answered.

      I may have used a swear word, once,  "Catia-Lite"  ....


      Clearly @solidworks does not like any tough 'off message' questions, even from its customers ..... and they promptly blocked me !!!


      Not a biggie .. I will live but hey, what's wrong with customer's feedback to improve product ?

      [feedback on my products, even very negative is always welcome - helps make them better]