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Convert to Sheet Metal: Rip Sketch

Question asked by Gavin Vale on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

Hi all,


I haven't used sheet metal features extensively in Solidworks, so I am trying to create a simple version of a more complicated box that I am reverse engineering. The actual box has some more bends and rips in it, but I figured I should learn the in's and out's on a simple model before diving deeper. I have played around with the tools for several hours and haven't reached my desired result.


I've attached a hand drawing of the flat pattern I want as the end result, along with my current practice model (both shaded with edges and wireframe views). I know I can create the flat pattern in a sketch and then bend it all together, but that requires a lot more calculation than just solid modeling it and converting to sheet metal. In the model views you can see the sketches I have used to rip the sheet. I've tried several other sketch configurations, but this one came to closest to getting what I want.


I am looking for help with how I should draw the rip sketch so that no errors pop up. I feel like that the rip mixing with the bends is causing some sort of issue.


Thanks for your help!