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Slow to go from desktop/taskbar back into solidworks espesh with big files

Question asked by Mark Sanders on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Michael Lord

I've found it annoyingly slow to go from desktop/taskbar back into solidworks especially with big files.

It is as if the solidworks part/assembly wants to fully re-build before the solidworks window will open.

Not a problem with small/simple files but a total PIA with anything of size.

below is the typical scenario....

waiting for solidworks to re-open.jpg

from the taskbar, hovering/clicking pointer opens small version of part windows, BUT you then have to wait until the part/assembly is ready (rebuilt?) before you can click and re-open the solidworks window. The delay is proportional to the size/complexity of the part/assembly.


I'm guessing loads of memory is flowing from system / explorer back to solidworks.

Anyone got a tip to avoid this ? (its especially embarrassing in a presentation when jumping from say a powerpoint presentation back to a solidworks model)