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Swept Flange along a Curved Path?

Question asked by Paul Olson on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Paul Olson

I have searched the forums and found a couple answers to similar questions, however, I am running Solidworks 2014 so the one answered solution is inaccessible to me.


I have a part with a compound bend that I want to create in Solidworks Sheet Metal (Attached "Picture 1"), but I cannot seem to get the Swept Flange feature to work. If I open a new document and create a flat Base Flange/Tab it works (Attached "Picture 2"), but the second I switch back to my Lofted Bend it fails no matter which edge I choose to follow as the path (Attached "Picture 3").


I have tried making planes normal to the end of the sketch as this ( post suggests, and that seems to have failed as well.


Is this possible to do? I have attached both the standard modeled part so you can understand the geometry and the sheet metal attempt in addition to the 3 referenced pictures. You can see in the "Sheet Metal Test" that I tried to get the Swept Flange to work along both the curved path and the straight path to no avail.