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Applying Animation/Motion in a Assembly

Question asked by Russell Waseem on Aug 2, 2017


Greetings everyone,


I am having trouble applying motion to the links in the assembly. I have the links concentric mated to the yokes but as I go to motion manager, I get an error saying that my concentric mates and Path Mates are over defined. I must use concentric mates because that is the only way the link will follow my sketch path correctly. Also, I have the yokes path mated to a sketched curve. I've tried curve driven pattern, although the performance is better,  however I end up having unwanted gaps in between the links and the links do not correctly follow the curves. Moreover, as I apply my final concentric mate to the last connecting link I can no longer free drag the chain link.

In addition, to sync the motion of the drive sprocket and links, would I use the Geneva motion concept? if not, how would I go about applying a motion study for this system, PLease HELP!