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Files fail to move through workflow transition with parent

Question asked by Elisabeth Daley on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Elisabeth Daley

We have two workflows set up to manage Solidworks files and ECN documents (.xlsm).  Both of them have a transition called 'To Released' that goes to a state called 'Released'.  We attach the Solidworks files to the ECN documents, and when the ECN document goes through the 'To Released' transition, the SW files are meant to also go through the transition in their own workflow.  Mostly it works... but sometimes it doesn't.  Occasionally, some of the SW files attached to a particular ECN will transition correctly, but not all of them.  I've checked:

  • That the SW files were in the correct workflow state prior to the ECN being transitioned
  • That there are no transition conditions that might have excluded them (there are no conditions at all)
  • That the name of the transition is exactly the same in the two workflows


In the latest instance of this happening, two assemblies and a part attached to the ECN failed to transition, but the drawings linked to those models transitioned correctly (and one assembly transitioned correctly as well).


Can anyone think of a reason this might happen?  I admit, I didn't actually watch the user perform the transition on the ECN document, but I don't think they manually unchecked the boxes for some of their models to transition.