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Macro: need help with macro for auto pdf + dxf to specific folders

Question asked by Matt Zellmer on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by Peter Kennedy

I have been working on a macro that will create a pdf and dxf to specific folders but I am having a couple issues that seem to be out of my limited abilities.

I just need to take the current open drawing and save as a .PDF and also .DXF. 

The drawings have one or more sheets that have the needed PDF portion and sometimes a sheet named DXF for our lasered parts which needs to be saved alone as a DXF. 

The PDF folder location is S:\PDF and the DXF folder is S:\DXF

One issue I have had is the file name created is adding the sheet name to the file name when just need it to copy the original drawing name (also Part Number).


Any help is appreciated.