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Task Scheduler Sux

Question asked by Dan Golthing on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Why is the "factory" product, Task Scheduler so bad?


Last year when we upgraded we used #TASK to convert all our files to '16 because the TS didn't work at all.


This year, I upgraded #TASK and now it doesn't work, so I am having to use upgrade the files with the TS.  WOW THIS IS SLOW!


SolidWorks, here is a clue, have TS start converting files to the latest version by FIRST OPENING ASSEMBLIES AND CONVERTING THOSE.  IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS, WHEN YOU SAVE AN ASSEMBLY YOU MAY ALSO BE SAVING HUNDREDS OF OTHER ASSEMBLIES AND PARTS IN THE PROCESS.  Can you check which assemblies have the most children and convert those first???  And then work your way down the hierarchy as far as which assemblies are the biggest to the smallest to individual parts.


I decided to convert only one of our many folders full of CAD work and it has run all night and is still not half done.  From the report process it looks like it is simply going file by file and converting instead of using some logic.  this folder has 12,000 SWX files in it.  #TASK would have been done overnight.


Now I'm working manually on another folder doing what I said above and it seems much faster than the automated process.  After I'm done opening and saving all the major assemblies, then I can use TS to go through and convert any strays.


Also, why was #TASK so fast and TS so slow?


This is a painful process because as the administrator, I have to dance around the files and directories that are being used on a regular basis.