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Missing decal texture in accurate view

Question asked by Dárius Kuraś on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Dárius Kuraś

Hi everyone,

I was playing and learning in Visualize with model of a car. Maybe I will upload it into render content later. The problem popped up whe I tried to put mud stains on the car body. I decidet to make it as decal. So I created png file without backround just few white mud stains. I put it on cars body. Then created mud appearance with color, specular and bump maps, which works quite well when i use it on parts. So I used it for the decal. I preview mode look good. Also bump are visible. When I switch preview to accurate mode decal apperance turn flat just with brown collor, no bumps, no collor maps visible. I tryed to change few setting but no result. Work prioryties changed so I dont had time to start the real render yet. Maybe it will look better. Hope I can provide few screenshots of my setting and results. I think I am missing something. Or what method would you suggest to complete this task?



PS: I know I can make Multi-Layer appearance but I have other decals on car. And I want also theese to be covered by mud stains.



Best regards. Dárius.