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Running out of memory (Committed Memory running out of control!)

Question asked by Valentin Leung on Jul 31, 2017
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We have been bumping against an issue lately, one of my colleague is setting up a non linear simple contact snap fit simulation between two plastic pieces, mesh is not very big (I forgot the figures but it's far from the complex simulation I use to do). When she runs the simulation, I can see that Windows total used memory is going up to 20-25% (only SW is running), she has 32GB of RAM, so it should be adequate. But after 5 minutes, machine is yelling for memory, while the total memory used by Windows is still trending twentyish percent.


I checked the GDI, it's not that, she has 1.5k-2k items.


Then, I turned on Memory commit and I saw that it was past 40GB, actually, running the simulation, the committed memory will move 0-300MB every second, until it reaches 40 GB, the message kicks in, once it reaches 48GB (32GB of RAM and 16GB pagefile) it will crash...


How can I tell Solidworks/Windows NOT to commit that much memory??? and why is it doing that in the first place?


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edit: Running SW2016SP2.0 on Windows 7.