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    Clone of entire Network drive on local machine?

    Lajos Kalman

      So where I work we have a decent system using windows explorer for part numbers, parts shared on multiple assemblies and so on. The problem with the way we have things set up you must work over the network and deal with the slowness. This is due to parts in shared in multiple assemblies being spread out in different folders. My thought is have a raid clone of the entire network drive installed locally to each machine. The idea is when you open a file from the local dive you are working from a local drive and don't have the problems of working over the network. When you save it saves the file to both the network drive and local raid simultaneously.  Not really sure if this could work or not. I am just seeing if anyone knows if people do something like this or not.


      PDM would be great but there are only two of us here that use sw so not sure if the cost is justified. I also need to work on files locally for a few other programs so this could save me a lot of time a boost the operation speed of not having to work over the network. 

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          Habib Ghalamkari

          What you want to do is actually impossible. What will happen if you edit a part and write it to your disk and network drive while your friend is working on the same file? He may change it too and save it to network drive too. Your changes has gone.

          I think PDM is your only chance.


          But if you insist in your method there are a lot of software out there that can do this task for you.

          http : // techsoftpl . com / backup / index . php  (Take out the spaces)

          This is one of those that I have used a while back.

          Search for Realtime file-level mirroring from local NTFS to network drive in google. You will find a lot more.