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Trying to get "Result Forces" when running Simulation.

Question asked by Dale Grossnickle on Jul 31, 2017
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Using SolidWorks Professional 2016 with the add on Simulation package.

First let me say thanks in advance for your help.

I'm trying to determine the resulting clamp force that would be generated on a surface when applying a given (known) amount of pull down force.  I've created a simple Clamp Shaft with Clamp Finger and a Fixed Block to stop the Clamp Finger on.  My Clamp Finger is a known length.  I restrain the Clamp Shaft using an ON CYLINDRICAL FACE fixture and restrict the shafts ability to move of center and radially turn.  The shaft is only free to move along the centerline axis.  The stop Block is Fixed and cannot move.  I have a NO Penetration Contact Set on the face of the Clamping surface of the Clamp Finger and the Stop. I apply a LOAD in the pull direction on the Clamp Shaft and run the simulation.  After the simulation runs I right mouse click on the RESULTS folder and select LIST RESULT FORCES.  This is where is doesn't make sense to me.  If I select the STOP surface and click Update I get a smaller force than I originally pulled with... that makes sense so far.  BUT, if I return to the model and shorten the length of the Clamp finger and re-run the simulation, the resulting load on the Stop may be reduces.  I would expect a shorter Clamp Finger would not deflect as much and thus be able to provide more force. (See Attached)

I guess my question would be, First... am I using it right or is this "Result Force" section used to tell me something else.

Second, if I'm using this wrong... any help would be appreciated.