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Toolbox - use the part number field when using the "Create Parts" setting

Question asked by Steven Dod on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Jody Stiles

My VAR asked us to look at using the Create Parts setting in Toolbox rather than using Create Configurations.  This is part of the effort to reduce file size and increase stability.  For now our Toolbox is pretty stable but the main issue is the file size of , say the hex bolt, due to all the configurations (9.05 MB).  When you add 50-100 hex bolts to an assembly it can add up.  I tried using this setting and it started out well enough but when some custom toolbox parts started getting created they were changing to a different part because they have the same configuration as a previous part (i.e. hex nut -> stover lock hex nut).  At the time it was not an issue until I tried using the Create Parts setting.  Now we are too deep to fix.


That being said I searched Enhancement Requests to see if anyone asked for using the "PART NUMBER" field to save the new parts out which would prevent this issue above and enhance usability.  I found ER 1-14576016168 and voted on it but it shows the ER to be closed.  Is this normal or should I create another ER?  I am using 2016 SP5, what is the behavior in 2017?


In short, I should have used custom configurations when I created the new toolbox items but hindsight is...


Steve D.