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    SetBalloon→swBS_Underline result is none

    Yong Ning









      Private Sub del()

         Dim SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks, SwModel As ModelDoc2

             Set SwApp = Application.SldWorks

             Set SwModel = SwApp.ActiveDoc

         Dim SwSelMgr As SelectionMgr

             Set SwSelMgr = SwModel.SelectionManager

         Dim SwNote As Note, SwAnn As Annotation

             Set SwNote = SwSelMgr.GetSelectedObject5(1)

             SwNote.SetBalloon swBS_Underline, 3

             'swBS_Underline, swBF_3Chars

             'swBS_FlagTriangle, 3 'swBS_Underline, 0

             Set SwAnn = SwNote.GetAnnotation

             With SwAnn

                 Debug.Print .GetArrowHeadStyleAtIndex(1)

                 .SetLeader3 swSTRAIGHT, 0, True, True, True, True

                 .SetArrowHeadStyleAtIndex -1, swNO_ARROWHEAD ' swDOT_ARROWHEAD


             End With


      End Sub