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DBWorks/SolidWorks rendering error in drawing

Question asked by Stefan Kijak on Jul 31, 2017

Hi everyone,


I tried to register our SW network serial but It didnt seem to work out. Maybe one of you can help out with my problem.


I am using SW2016 (network installation) and DBWorks R15 64bit. Most of the time it works fine. But currently I am experiencing a rendering error while cheching in the drawing. Attached there are 2 pictures showing the problem. "SW_full.png" shows how it is suppose to look while "SW_error.png" shows what happens if I check the drawing in in DBWorks. The Preview in DBWorks also doesn't show this error. Tried several approaches but am currently out of options Change in display style works but only until the drawing is closed and opened again.



- check out and in again

- set rendering to true/draft quality instead of Projected/High quality

- change in display style (limited improvement)


Frustrating. Will have a coffee... If you encountered this problem I would be thankful and happy to know.