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    Mirror drawing views in 2017

    Mike Sveda

      Anyone found this useful?   I really want to figure how to use it.  I need to have 2 distinct part files with unique part numbers (even if they are mirrors).  So a drawing file of part 2 will reference part 2 and how can i have a mirror view of part 1 then?

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          Matthew Lorono

          Mirror View is used when your workflows allow you to have several drawings for one model.  If you require one model for each part, then you an use the more traditional mirror part functionality.

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            Paul Belliveau

            I have found this useful.  I have part1 that has an existing drawing.  I then make part2 using Insert > Mirror Part.  I then make a copy of the part1.slddrw drawing file and rename the file to say part2.slddrw.  I don't use the Mirror view feature just yet.  Instead, what I do first is:

            1. Open part2.slddrw as is (and I don't change the reference of this drawing--it still references part1.)  Then,
            2. If there is a view of part1 without any dimensions, I delete it and insert the same view but of part2. Otherwise, I just insert an isometric view of part2.
            3. On the Sheet Properties, under Use custom property values from model shown in:, I select the new view of part2.  This updates my drawing's title block to display the properties of part2.
            4. Save the drawing.
            5. Now I select the drawing's parent view, click Mirror view, and select the appropriate mirror plane.
            6. Move a few misaligned views and dimensions, then Save and done.

            There are several issues with using the Mirror view feature.  These have yet to be resolved:

            1. There is still a possibility that someone might try to open part2 by right-clicking a drawing view other than the one I added (where part1 will will open instead).
            2. Auxiliary view arrows will not rotate to the correct direction.
            3. Sheet metal bend directions will not update to the opposite or correct bend direction.
            4. Some view labels get moved out of position and I have to move them back into position manually.