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    Can you seperate bodies from one part into multiple parts?

    Jason Olson

      Hello SW Forums,


      Quick background, I have some intermittent need for design and modeling in my organization for 3D printing projects. We create tools for our production needs with our printer. My CAD guy moved on a while ago so I am filling the spot when we need it. I've gone through Essentials training and am looking to get into more advanced modeling.


      I'm trying to design a simple box with a base and lid connected with a hinge. I have the base modeled. I want to use the geometry of the base to help create the top lid. Currently I simply modeled the lid in the same file as the base.


      Is there an easy way to split this model into two parts?


      Or is there a simple way to use the geometry of one part to create another part?


      Thank you,


      Jason K.Olson


      Rare Earth Coatings, Inc.