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eDrawings refuses to open after reinstall. It is shown in Background processes briefly and then dissappears. Any solutions?

Question asked by Nicholas Dennehy on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Eric Jewell

I am extremely new to the Solidworks world, but I am trying to get a hang of it. Going through tutorials still. I am on Windows 10 on a computer that meets requirements. When trying to open a drawing in Solidworks 2016 x64 Edition, the program instantly crashes. I discovered opening eDrawings 2016 x64 Edition before trying to do that would ensure there was no crash. Now, after uninstalling and reinstalling both Solidworks and eDrawings, eDrawings refuses to start up. After clicking the icon, or even the .exe, the mouse shows the spinning circle briefly, and eDrawings is shown in Background processes for ~15 seconds. eDrawings never opens, and any time I try to open a drawing in Solidworks, it instantly crashes again. Any ideas for a remedy to this problem?


I have tried to find solutions to this problem, but apparently I am looking in the wrong places. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.


Edited to add full program name.