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Question asked by Anton Ivanov on Jul 28, 2017
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Hi there,


I have a workflow question that if I get answered will make my life a lot less frustrating. When I model I end up hiding surfaces but when I need the hidden surfaces back I end up scrolling up and down the features or the Surface Bodies folder at the top looking for the orange outline of a surface that I need shown again. This becomes very time consuming when surface geometry starts to pile up (and this happens quickly for me). I like the Tab button for hiding. Shift_Tab is convenient for showing hidden surfaces only at the beginning when i don't have a lot of stuff yet.  I little later, when I have a long list of surfaces Shift_Tab is useless because it starts to overwhelm the screen with stuff that I don't need (Murphy's law) . I have heard that NX has a cool feature where you can inverse ans see all the hidden surfaces and select what you need to be shown and switch back to the works space. Is there anything like that in SolidWorks? I am willing to try any other trick to alleviate the pain. I am joking with my coworkers that 90% of my time in SW is spent scrolling in the Feature Tree. 


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