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Jazwares, toy design company, seeks Sr. 3D Mechanical/Industrial Design

Question asked by Yahaira Rabelo on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Jehan Kothari

Headquartered in Sunrise, FL, Jazwares has been committed to creating quality products that push the boundaries of product design since 1997. With a mission to invent toys and related products that are new to the marketplace, and their focus on creativity, innovation, and function, Jazwares has established itself as a respected leader in the licensed products industry. Their portfolio includes Minecraft, Peppa Pig, Nerf, Assassins Creed and Roblox among others.


We are seeking to hire a versatile and experienced Mechanical/Industrial 3D Design Engineer, whose work routine would encompass; creating 3D designs, review and critical analysis of 3D designs/files and finding creative solutions to modern design and production issues, while managing in-house and outsourced 3D printing projects.  With so much of the industry moving to "Rapid Prototyping", it is key for our company to find someone that has traditional manufacturing knowledge and expertise and who understands how to design products that are "mold-friendly", while demonstrating the ability to interpret and create a wide variety of products from 3D concepts to final 3D designs/files.



Duties and Responsibilities:



● Generate creative concepts and translate into complete 3-D products

● Basic knowledge of mechanical, electrical and electronic toys

● Knowledge of production, manufacturing and design application to 3D files

● Ability to design “tooling ready” 3D drawings and review 3D files/part drawings

● Knowledge of product engineering (mold-friendly designs)

● Knowledge of materials and specific usage for diverse types of plastics used in toy manufacturing (i.e.  general advantages for specific material(s); limitations of each material; general use for different types of toy products)

● Ability to recognize manufacturing issues and to correspond with factory to determine necessary changes for a part and develop a manufacturing design/process for the most cost-effective manufacturing methods.

● Participate in early and late stages of product development process to ensure that a product can be 1) manufactured and 2) within cost and target margins

● Use SolidWorks and/or Pro-E to create the 3D files/models and drawings.

● General knowledge of mold design and construction and how it applies to initial 3D design(s).

● Knowledge of Product Compliance for toys (QA issues / QA Testing) and how it applies to initial 3D design.

● Ability to convert 2D designs/images and comments and convert to 3D design(s)




Education/ Years of Related Experience:



● Minimum of 3 years of Industrial Design/Toy Design experience.

● Preferred candidates will have a Bachelors in Mechanical/Industrial Design Engineering.

● Must have a minimum of 5-7 years of similar work experience designing 3D engineering drawings

● Must have experience and by proficient in designing & drafting in SolidWorks, Pro-E, AutoCAD and Freeform.

● Working knowledge of tooling design and efficient tooling plans.

● Must have excellent communication and time management skills.

● Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.






Toy Industry Knowledge & Experience a must

● Proven expertise in control drawings and rendered illustration of concepts.

● Proven expertise in control drawings and rendered illustration of concepts.

● Proficiency with ProE, Solid Works and/or Freeform.

● Strong written & verbal communication skills.

● Effective communication skills with product designers and factory engineers

● Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with specific focus on problem solving and adaptability to change.

● Great attention to details and skilled aesthetics

● Must be able to communicate in English (read & write)


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